Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everyone is unique

Everyone has own perception in life. Different perception between colleagues, friends, couples and families may lead disagreement. I have been experienced this since I was young. I used to think that I was the right one when other people have different understanding and view.

Time after time, I started to learn how to tolerate with this atmosphere. I have understood that I would not able to change anyone’s perception towards certain things. Everyone has different experiences, comes from different background and grows up in different environment. For instance, experiences which I encountered may be different from my best friends. Therefore, we are not supposed to judge them based on our own thoughts and feelings.

Of course, I would still stand for my rights in certain circumstances but I would also evaluate the other people’s perception.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

About him...

Relationship may end easily but love not may be vanished simply.

Our wonderful moment will not dissolve on my mind.

You are a man who I admire.

Your success inspired me every moment.

Your attitude and spirit motivated my life.

Splitting up with you is definitely a lost for me.

Dear, don’t give up. You shine my life forever.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I had been having strange odor in my nose for about 1 month. Finally I decided go for ENT Consultation. My mum dropped me at the main entrance of the hospital and asked me go to clinic no.12. As I tried to look for clinic no. 12, I glimpsed a familiar door with new nameplate. It was the door I used to enter whenever I get sick.

The physician who worked inside the room was my family doctor, Dr. Tan. He used to comfort me from illness with his prescription and his smiley face. Unfortunately, he diagnosed cancer for the second times. Will I still have chance to see his smiley face?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

If I could...

If I could walk without assistance…

I would have gone to a place I wish.

If I could speak fluently…

I would be a lawyer or deejay.

If I could run…

I would have left.

If I could fight…

I would have won in every battle.

If I could choose…

I would be the happiest woman in this world.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why is the ATM machine so high?

My friend and I went to shopping at Gurney Plaza today. I arrived there about 12pm. As I reached there, my friend wanted to withdraw some cash from ATM Machine. Consequently, we went down to basement 1 where the ATM Machines are located. There was no long queue at any of the ATM Machine there. My friend pushed herself close to one of them. Unfortunately, she could not able to see neither the screen nor press the button on the ATM Machine. I had to go near to tell her what was displayed on the screen and help her to press the buttons.

Accessibility is an essential aspect to made people with disabilities to live independently. Steep ramps, narrow aisles and toilets, high mounted public telephones and ATM Machine and inaccessibility public transportation stop people with disabilities going out from house.

Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand the feelings of a wheelchair bound truly even I do use a wheelchair in some occasion. I am able to stand up to reach things which are located at higher position and I am able to walk to reach the destination when the aisle is too narrow for a wheelchair. But I still have accessibility barrier when there are only squat toilets and staircase. Why not to have Universal Design in our environment to ease all the people.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Education is for everyone

When it comes to education, women with disabilities are likely to have obtained less opportunity than other. There are few issues that stop them to go to mainstream or even special schools.

Experienced, trained and understanding teachers are the main issue. I remembered there were teachers who ignored me when I was in my secondary. This was my main distraction in my studies. I did not have good support from teachers.

The second issue is accessibility. Despite many universities and colleges are designed disabled-friendly, there are still many issues need to be improved. For instances, toilets and ramps’ measurements are still inappropriate and classrooms don’t have proper seats for them. This problem may stop them to further studies in universities and colleges.

Awareness among course mates is essential. Lots of people with disabilities study in segregation from their course mate. Discussing, participating and cooperating among course mates should be practiced in order completing course projects.

With limited education and knowledge, women with disabilities difficult to get ideal jobs and income. They will never be able to earn enough to fulfill their daily needs. Discrimination in society against them will be widespread.

Women with disabilities’ confidence come from various aspects such as career, outlook, education, wealth, freedom and love life. Thus, education plays an important role to build their confidence.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Parents vs Love life

Today, I chatted with my two best friends on Skype about various topics including relationship, sexuality and how our parents see our love and sexual life. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, women with disabilities wish to have a man who loves and cares us.

Unfortunately, there are numerous obstacles to conquer in order to get true and comfortable love. One of the biggest challenges is to prove and convey to our parents that we have grown up and dare to go into “love battle”.

I have experienced tremendous times of failure. I failed to date the guy I like, I failed to pursue my parents that the relationship I really want to have and I failed to make the guy to be with me. I really felt the world is going to end when I encountered these all.

After several relationships, my parents started to understand that I also need love life and I wish to being loved. Sometimes, my mother gives me advices how to deal with a guy. I feel happy about that because my mother has understood what I need in life. However, my parents would never wish to see me heartbreak again, especially my mother. No matter what, all I need is support and understanding from my parents.